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Xchanger Inc.


  • Tank Vent Condensers / TV-Series
  • Liquid Coolers / LC-Series
  • Biogas Dehumidifiers / BG-Series
  • Gas Cooling & Heating / C-Series
  • Dairy / D-Series
  • Air-to-Air / AA-Series

Heat Transfer Solutions Since 1972...

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Heat Transfer Solutions Since 1972
Xchanger manufactures custom heat exchangers and blower aftercoolers to control temperature and humidity in almost any application. We have customers worldwide and over 25,000 installations. Our mechanical engineers will provide an affordable, custom-designed unit by optimizing 1 of 10 field-proven models. We guarantee the performance, workmanship, engineering and reliability of every heat exchanger we ship. Models include fin-tube and plate-fin heat exchanger surfaces, air-cooled and liquid-cooled designs, and many construction materials to choose from. Choose explosion proof, severe duty, and inverter-duty motors. Free DIY calculators for Gas Flow, Equilibrium and Psychrometric Temperature on Call or email us! Work directly with a design engineer.

Industrial applications: aftercooling, air/gas cooling & dehydrating, compressed air dryers to prevent moisture problems in pneumatically conveyed materials, condensers, coolers, evaporators, dehumidifying, heat exchangers, heat recovery

Air-Pollution control: solvent and vapor recovery

Biomass: heating gas delivered by low pressure blowers used in biogas and landfill gas heating and power generation (cogeneration) systems.

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Xchanger Inc.

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