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Sterling Systems and Controls, Inc.
T 1-800-257-7214
F: 815-625-3103

24711 Emerson Rd.
P.O. Box 418
Sterling, IL
United States
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Accessories Equipment Control Panels Control Systems Motor Control Pumps Dust Collection & Air Pollution Control Collectors Complete Systems Media, Parts, & Accessories Controls Instrumentation Particle Classifiers Feeders Automatic Belt Drag Powder Applicator Screw Slide Gate Weigh Belt Weighing Instrumentation & Control Analyzers Particle Size Other Instrumentation & Control Automatic Batching Controls Computers Control Panels Data Acquisition Data Loggers Data Processors Programmable Controllers Weighing Hopper Weighing Tank Material Handling & Transportation Bin (IBC) Handling Systems Dumpers Hoppers Unloaders Mechanical Conveying Conveyors, Mechanical Metering, Systems Weighing Parts & Accessories* Augers/Screws Instrumentation Safety Components Mixers & Blenders Mixing & Blending Equipment Batch Dry Powder Jet Paddle Ribbon Sanitary Parts & Accessories Augers Controls Tanks Packaging & Bagging Containers, Bags* Containers, Other In-Plant Containers Equipment* Bag Breakers Bag Dump Station Bag Emptiers Bag Fillers Bag Openers Bulk Bag Filling Bulk Bag Handling Equipment Bulk Bag Handling Systems Bulk Bag Loaders Bulk Bag Unloader Complete Systems Weighers Particle Enlargers & Formers Pellet Mills Pneumatic Conveying Conveyors, Pneumatic Complete System Dense Phase Dilute Phase—Combination Dilute Phase—Positive Pressure Dilute Phase—Vacuum Portable Positive Pressure Pressure Tank Screw Pump Slow Motion Turnkey Systems Vacuum Parts & Accessories Controls Screening & Separation Screening Equipment Size Reducing Services Custom Fabricators Instrumentation Repairers Mixing/Blending Size Reduction Storage Auxiliary Equipment Ash Removal Systems Dischargers Dumpers Filling Systems Gravity Mixing Systems Integral Weighing Systems Inventory Control Systems Mechanical Mixing Systems Pneumatic Conveying Systems Containers Bins, Permanent Bins, Portable Facilities/Systems Combination Mass/Funnel Flow Complete Systems Plastic Fabricated Weighing Systems & Scales Scales Batch Bin Blender Check Weighers Digital Dosing Dust-Tight Explosion-Proof Load Cell Weighing Systems Batching Continuous Micro-Ingredient Multiple Ingredient Receiving/Loadout System