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A & J Mixing International Inc.

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Oakville, Ontario L6L 6L4
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  • PHLAUER™ mixers are not a knock off of some other design. They were developed specifically using an old principle in a new way that produces fantastic results, predictable, repeatable, reliable, and solves mixing challenges. Our Shearmakers were designed to develop color in non-abrasive materials in a predictable time.

    High Performance mixing is being able to mix homogenously in small samples, repeat the performance,
    add liquids quickly, and have shear available when required. A&J does this with a slow speed single rotor mixer, that mixes free flowing ingredients in one minute to Cv. 5%. 

    Dual rotor machines are used for higher liquid additons, faster mixing, and to get end to end transportaion in larger machines, and to get better hopper flow in systems. 

    Our Shearmakers™  are very aggressive and predictable, example: color development .  

    The patented PHLAUER™ mixing rotor is used in cement, abrasives, food, animal feed, petfood, chemicals.  We also make dyers, vacuum infusion systems, and a system for heating and coating plastics with peroxide. 
    The initital investment may by higher but the cost per ton is invariably lower, and it is lowest priced mixer that will repeat its performance in small samples.